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BCM-95 — Supercharged Turmeric for Superior Inflammation Support

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Declining Circulation, Increasing Inflammation, and Loss of Stem Cells: Three Markers of Aging and Age Related Deterioration

Poor blood flow affects 900,000 Americans per year and can have devastating and life threatening [...]


Inflammation: the Good and the Bad

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Aging is inevitable, but most of it is a symptom of damage and wear—problems that [...]


Study: Chronic Conditions and Stem Cell Support

According to the Stanford University of Medicine: “Currently available treatments for chronic wounds are inadequate. [...]

6 Areas to Improve Your Circulating Stem Cells (And Your Health)

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Endothelial Dysfunction: Questions & Answers

What are EPCs? EPCs are endothelial progenitor cells, a term that applies to several different [...]