BCM-95 — Supercharged Turmeric for Superior Inflammation Support

The turmeric root is an Indian perennial herb of the ginger family. Ground up turmeric is used as flavoring, as a stimulant, and a coloring agent (for its bright, vibrant yellow pigment). It also has considerable health benefits. Curcuminoids from the turmeric root, combined with its essential oils, are what makes up the compound BCM-95.

Tumeric is also difficult for the body to absorb, but by using BCM-95 the bioavalibilty is increased by 7-10 times!

BCM Chart

Curcuminoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-arthritic. Curcuminoids repel and suppress what damages the body. Turmeric’s essential oils compliment the cucuminoids: these oils are anti-septic, anti-fungus, and they promote liver health.

Clinical research with BCM-95 is being done in relation to colon, prostate, joint, and mood health. There are potential antidepressant effects with curcumin, and BCM-95 specifically is even used in combination with chemotherapy to help its rate of effectiveness. BCM-95 has also shown valuable contributions in alleviating depressive symptoms, in promoting colon and prostate health, and reducing inflammation.


Burdock root is native to EuINFLArope and Northern Asia, and is now widespread throughout the United States. Burdock contains inulin, a natural dietary fiber, and is also used to improve digestion. As a root vegetable, it possesses considerably stronger antioxidant activity than common vegetables and fruits. According to the University of Maryland’s Medical Center, recent studies confirm that burdock has prebiotic properties that could improve health.

When BCM-95 is combined with the anti-inflammation uses of Arctigenin (burdock root), the value for sufferers of arthritis include clinically reported improvements in joint pain, joint tenderness, and reduction of disease activity.


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