How to Supplement Your Resolutions


A new year is about to begin, and in keeping with tradition, now is the perfect opportunity to make resolutions for healthier living.

At ARC Nutrition, many of our products are formulated to support an active, well-rounded lifestyle. Here are a few aids that might be just what you need to jumpstart your new routine:

Adventures with Imm-Kine – If you’re planning on going on more adventures, either hiking through nature or traveling to far-off cities, you’ll want your immune system at peak performance. Imm-Kine provides a broad-spectrum immune enhancement. The ingredients activate your own body’s immune defenses, and have special potential for increasing athletic performance and aiding post-workout healing.

Movement with Infla-Kine – Speaking of post-workout healing, you don’t want injury or soreness to stop your momentum in the new year. Infla-Kine helps reduce unhealthy or unnecessary discomfort using BCM-95® (a more bio-available form of curcumin/ turmeric), and Burdock Seed extract, used in Chinese medicine to promote a healthy immune response and inhibit proinflammatory cytokines. Regulating the inflammation you have or gain through increased activity can keep you active and moving.

Building with Stem-Kine – This is our signature product, with two clinical trials proving its ability to double your circulating stem cells. Not only do these stem cells (endothelial progenitor cells or EPCs) help rebuild at sites of injury, they also help promote new blood vessel growth. If you’re planning on building muscle or increasing activity in the new year, you’ll want to give your body the right materials to work with. The best building blocks are your body’s own stem cells.

Bonus with Stem-Kine Boost – This is our newest product, a 2.5 ounce liquid shot that contains two capsules (a full day’s dose) of the Stem-Kine formula, with added B vitamins, cognitive enhancers, and nootropics.  For building your body and boosting your mind when needed, Stem-Kine Boost might be just the compliment you need for a full suite of support in the new year.

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